Nielsen inaugural digital agency forum- Social and mobile key facts

On June 17th, the Nielsen Australia team got in front of the digital media industry in Sydney to present an update on the company’s strategy, new upcoming tools and their latest findings on social and mobile measurement:
Here is a summary of the key facts around social media and mobile

1- Social media:
All the data about who is using social media is very straight forward. It was interesting to see that Australia is setting the trend globally in terms of engaging with social media: Australians spend the most time on social sites: over 7 min in April 2010.  As comparison, the USA are just behind with approx 6 min,


Nielsen also revealed the findings of their social media marketing study, here are the highlights:
–        50% of Australian businesses agree that they risk losing touch with their customers if they don’t employ social media activities
–        They should be 71% to participate in social media by the end of 2010 (from 40% prior to 2009)
–        The main barriers to using social media are around measurement of ROI and difficulties to set up KPIs and a lack of knowledge/ expertise to get involved in social media
So as a conclusion, we could say that social media is being embraced by Australian companies but in an unstructured way and there seems to be a great need for education and measurement.

2- Mobile:
Number of daily UBs has pretty much doubled since the beginning of the year


The first ever mobile measurement was released in Market Intelligence on May 12th 2010. Nielsen is now looking at integrating mobile and web reporting with device reporting on local markets
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