Studying the impact of online video advertising

Initial results of ‘Ad Selector’- Chokito says No, No, No campaign (June- Aug 2010)


A few months ago Vivaki – a strategic entity of combined Publicis Group agencies including ZenithOptimedia – released the results of a large scale research project about online video advertising conducted out of the USA. The objectives of the research project were to identify the impact of online video advertising and build learnings around the multiple opportunities available.
The project took over 16 months to complete, studied 29 different models and involved 25 million consumers. The key findings were the outstanding results of Ad Selector – which was identified as the best model for online video advertising, one that works for both advertisers and consumers!
The ad selector is a new video ad unit (initially rolled out by Hulu) that gives the user the ability to choose the ad they want to watch: amongst 3 proposed ads, the user clicks on their selected one before launching their video experience and starting a pre roll.
The research found that the “ad selector” tested significantly better than the standard pre roll against all metrics studied:
•Only format to lift purchase intent by over 30%
•3 in 4 respondents recalled the ad
•Completion rate is 11% higher than pre roll average
•CTR were at least twice as high than standard pre rolls
In Australia, Fairfax Digital was the first publisher to launch this format (soon to be followed by Youtube) and Nestle was one of the first three advertisers to test it with the Chokito says No, No, No campaign.
As per the USA survey the initial results for this new ad unit are very encouraging: Completion rate of the Nestle Chokito TVC through the “ad selector” is over 13% higher than campaign average!
We are already adopting it as a standard format. Let’s see how quickly the Australian market takes it up!


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