6 steps to social media measurement

Social media can be unpredictable: before you start a campaign, you can know what the reach or frequency of your paid social activity will be but you won’t know what organic footprint you will generate. There’s lots of online metrics to look at (much more than offline)– but which ones are most important? To understand the performance of social media it is important to define specific objectives and measure the success of your social activity against them (ie. what was it designed to do? it can’t do everything) A measurement strategy must be a collaborative process between: social- media- creative agencies and the client (potentially several divisions: marketing, corporate comms, sales, loyalty,…) Here are some tips on how to start, broken down into 6 steps!

1- DEFINE – What is the role of your social activity in the overall communication strategy
– Recruit a community
– Generate own/earned content
– Improve web visibility (SEO, PR, referrals,…)
– Activate brand advocates
– Gather consumer insights
– Build a new consumer service channel
– Innovate

2- Set tangible KPIs based on social objectives (soft & hard metrics)
– Number of community members (fans, followers, subscribers, visitors, opt ins, promotion entries)
– Cost per recruit
– Value of member
– Web traffic (visits, pass along)
– Videos feature the products/ images/ text content
– SEO ranking/ traffic to landing page
– Volume of digital conversation
– Positivity of sentiment
– Consumer feedback/ input/ insights

3- BENCHMARK your objectives against the industry/ competitor/ previous activity (where possible)

4- Give yourself GOALS

5- Always STRETCH your targets…

6- Translate learnings into ACTIONS
– Channel mix definition
– Messaging optimisation
– R&D


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