Social learnings from the IAB MIXX conferences

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My ex-colleague Andrew was lucky enough to go to New York, not only did he pick up
some awards for Lion Nathan, the client he was representing over there (congrats
to the ZO team), but he also gathered some interesting learnings that he’s been
kind enough to share (full preso downloadable here).
He summarised some powerful thoughts around social media from Seth Godin, as follows:

Social media is trending to small groups of tight knit friends
rather than large groups of loose connections

I absolutely agree with this statement. Brands engaging in social media should shift their KPIs from the number of connections to more relevant reactions, and therefore focus their efforts on engagement rather than reach only.
I feel positive about marketers starting to think this way because it is what is bringing maturity to the market. It might mean that we are going to soon be able to shift clients’ attention away from the eternal mistake of judging the success of a campaign by the number of Facebook “likes”. And that, I Like!!
Based on the above, success could look very different. It could be:
–        The identity stamp of the tribe you are building for your brand
–        The way users engage with your content and products i.e.  comments, participation in prompted discussions, content uploads, votes,…
–        Shifts in brand perception
–        Insights that you collect through your community (and that could
be used for product development) that could result in a competitive advantage/ a
market-leading product…

This seems more relevant than ever with the release of Facebook Questions coming up.


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Just like Yahoo answers, you will be able to reach out to the
Facebook population to answer all your questions…

This is great for generic stuff! Now, when it comes to something a bit more personal, such as: “Which flat screen should I buy?”,
this tight group of friends, your community of look-alikes, become relevant. I probably don’t need the highest definition screen if I never watch sports on TV or never play
video games… What I need is for people like me to give me their opinion and experiences about products.

I have heard that 87% of Facebook usersreach out to their network of friends for product information, so I hope that within the release of such tools we’ll see opportunities for brands to leverage the power of peer recommendation.

Marie sornin


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