Getting your start-up on the map

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I recently got contacted by a journalist writing an article for start up smart on location based applications and how small business could/should use them.

I put the following thoughts together to give her some input for her article…

Geo localisation is definitely one of the most interesting movement that social media is currently going through. It opens up fantastic new opportunities for communication integration. The “one screen” strategy becomes more relevant than ever. Users want to be able to consume & share content seamlessly from their TV to their PC and on to their mobile and even in store… Web consumption is booming on mobile (especially at commute times) all the social networks are available through mobile apps… Businesses need to adapt themselves to those trends and challenges! A task that is certainly even harder for small businesses!

I think that companies can win when they understand what their target audience need/want and bring them services and content that match those needs. Since people are consuming media in a different way, they need to bring them content/services/ products in a new way…

Looking specifically at location base platforms: Foursqaure does offer interesting solutions for retailers to drive traffic in store by adding promotions to their location. You don’t need to be Starbucks and have the world’s biggest community to leverage that, some corner coffee shops are generating revenue from it by posting daily specials! Ideas can also come to life within Gowalla or Mytown!

Facebook places is all about sharing with your network (130 friends on average). I believe that Facebook now potentially has the power to win over the other platforms, simply because its reach is much stronger, its audience more engaged and because the other location based platforms haven’t had have a very strong point of difference (so far). Plus, with Facebook deals launching in Q1 2011 in Australia, this point of difference becomes even weaker…

We are now seeing new “social gaming” platform like SCVNRG, sticky bits… emerging. They claim to be more fun (what do you think? have you used them?). They are interesting for commercial integration and that is where we might start seeing point of sale activation linked to social media…

The full article is much more thorough, and well written can be found here: Getting your start-up on the map

Includes Ashadi Hopper and my own contribution

Marie Sornin



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