Marry Me Microsoft, the magic has happened

We are now 3 weeks in the “pre campaign” phase and I almost feel like calling this activation a success even though the actual event hasn’t started yet!

Why does it already look like a success?

1-      User engagement:
The magic has happened!!! We called out for engaged couples to enrol for the challenge and within 4 days we got an overwhelming number of entries. Not only a lot of them (numbers can’t be shared until the campaign is wrapped up), but good quality!! Those couples were genuinely excited about taking the challenge; of course the $25K towards the wedding and honeymoon probably helped, but judging by the stories and the enthusiasm of the participants, it was much more than cash that motivated the large majority of them!

We had to narrow all our entries down to 3 lucky shortlisted:

Megs & Dave:

Mic & Jenny:

Shaun & Simone:

We asked those three to put videos together, to undergo counselling, to sign statutory declaration, etc… Imagine that:  they were willing to put their entire wedding into this competition; we had to make sure they were not rushing things!! And then we turned to the audience to select their favourite couple.
That is when the magic happened:  the three couple reaching out to every single one of their friend for support, creating the Facebook ripple effect, friends of friends, of friends getting involved too…. more than just voting, challenging, explanation, posting messages of support, debating, the whole lot happening on the Windows AU Facebook page! And we haven’t even started the campaign…. At the end of the week, Mic and Jenny were elected the Marry Me Microsoft Couple!

2-      Cross media efficiency:
I have to say that I was a bit sceptical about the social results with the campaign being heavily promoted on TV, radio and print but lightly online. To my satisfaction, the daily Today show segments, supported by Nova spots as well as Ch 9 and Nova Facebook posts drove thousands of users to Windows AU Facebook page (here again, detailed results can’t be published before the campaign is wrapped up). In a nutshell content integration works!

3-      Working together:
This project is extremely complicated; coordinating every channel requirement and translating into social activity has pushed every member of the team to think outside his own area of expertise. We all covered stuff like: branded content/ TV prod/ legal/ technical/ and of course under the pressure of organising an event. Most important learning here:  always look for solutions!

Stay tuned, it’s all happening from Monday Dec 6th to Friday Dec 10th.

Marie Sornin

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