Diary from business holiday-day 1

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A group of 50 digital leaders got together for 2 days at the Mediabrands digital summit in Krabi. Identify opportunities and synergies to drive digital innovation and higher work standard. The tone was set by the title of the conference:  Leap 2011.
We introduced ourselves by explaining the biggest leap we have taken in our lives: from getting married, jumping out of planes, learning to drive, overcoming fear of water or buying a one way ticket to the farthest country on earth… this conference is all about applying this mentality to our business. How can we inspire our clients to take the biggest leap they will ever take in the digital space?

We didn’t go on a rock climbing spree but  we looked at opportunities, tools, investments strategies, market trends but first and foremost feedback from the ground staff in every country, here is what came out from day one:

          Short of staff, short of talents. Every single country is short of digital staff and talented people… finding local talents is even more challenging in countries like China, Japan, Thailand where language and culture are key to success. SEO specialists are also high on the list or rare species. I thought that recruiting SEO consultant was tuff in Australia, but what do you do if you are looking for SEO staff in China? Headache…

So what can we do as an industry leader to change this?


          Where Digital spend is higher revenue is higher…  this is a rule across the 12 APAC markets. Yes, digital is more specialised, implementation is more time consuming and level of expenditure remains low… however, charging higher fees for digital services is a practice that is accepted by clients and that does positively impact the agencies bottom line. Looking into the future with the integration of digital and emerging disciplines such as social, mobile, we need to maintain a sustainable fee structure. Commission based might not be the way to go


          Embracing social media: across all markets, social generates huge interest. Japan, HK, Malaysia and Oz are the biggest markets but all seem to be facing the same challenge: lack of long term vision from business managers and confusion in suppliers’ offers.


Stay tuned for more with contribution from media owners and technology platforms + pictures taken by my lovely UM colleagues!


Marie Sornin

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