Dairy of business holiday- wrap up

Day 2 of the leap 2011 was a mix of technology update and publisher presentations, but before I summarise the high points of the day, let me show where Australia is on the map:

Internet penetration and reach in APAC

China:23%/ 284 Mill
India:7%/81 Mill
Australia:85%/15 Mill

A quick intro that says a lot about the dynamics in the region


So, here is the summary of what Yahoo and MSN had to say.

Apart from staging the launch of new rich media ad units (most of which have already been used in Australia) Yahoo & MSN showed a few interesting social initiatives:

Yahoo just bought Koprol (location based conversation engine) and MSN launched spindex (real time geo localised web experience)

OK, looks cool…  don’t know what you think but it looks like all the major internet companies are trying to invent a new Twitter or Facebook to expand their existing offering…  I think they should just give it up and integrate the social tools that people are already using, i.e. Facebook and Twitter, and focus their efforts come up with something fresh and new…

Yahoo also shared with us the results of their new social ads. It only reinforces my belief that earned impressions are more powerful than paid ones.

The results from Yahoo’s social ads are as below:

                          2 to 7 time more impressions generated from the paid impressions

                          Engagement is 6 to 15 higher when an ad (or content) is recommended by a friend

                          Interaction with the content of the ad lasted for up to 10 days after the campaign

The most interesting content coming from MSN is by far project Natal: Developing solutions beyond touch. It’s what drove the evolution of Xbox into Kinect. Microsoft puts a tremendous research and development power behind this project and this is what really is changing the game. We <3!!!

The other main area of focus for Microsoft is around portability of information; in other words cloud computing. That again we ❤ and that feels like it is bringing the future closer to us! Advertising wise it will finally mean a seamless experience for the user across the multiple screens we are exposed to (TV, Tablets, mobile)

And finally I collected a couple of fun examples of branded content:

Microsoft jumping on the double rainbow YouTube craze:

Toyota appetite for life

So here we go, 2 days of Digital brain dump and you feel slightly more enlighten and full ideas to keep Australia high on the map!

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