Twitter dominates conversation about the Royal Wedding

The micro blogging platform hosted most of conversation about the Royal Wedding in Australia, in the UK and in the USA

On Friday the 28th the world turned to the TV to watch one of the most expected events of the recent years – the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. So many expectations about the bride’s dress, the menu, guest list and the ceremony made people turn to the internet to search for information, comment about it and share their feelings about the big event.

As we experienced in previous events such as the Japan and New Zealand’s earthquakes, conversation in social networks increased during this period. However, this time surprisingly Twitter smashed the other channels and hosted almost 90% of the buzz around the Royal Wedding.

According to the listening platform Radian6, in Australia, 88% of the conversation around the Royal Wedding took place on the micro blogging system, leaving behind News Sites (4%), Blogs (3%) and Forums (1%). Same figures happened in the United Kingdom, where Twitter hosted 89% of the conversation followed by Blogs (3%), News Sites (3%) and Forums (1%).

In the United States, where Twitter was created, the situation is a little bit different. The micro blogging platform still dominates conversation but not as much as in the UK and Australia. In the US, Twitter hosted 66% of the conversations, followed by Blogs (13%), Facebook* (11%), Forums (2%) and News Sites (2%). This shows that in the US the media was less interested in the Royal Wedding than the media in the UK and in Australia.

Share of Royal Wedding conversation for each channel in the 30 days that preceed the event:



Source: Radian6


Americans are less enthusiastic about the Royal Wedding

The americans reacted differently to the british and Australian nations. Not only regarding the channel they used to talk about the event, they also have the lowest positive sentiment towards the Royal Wedding – 53%, compared to Australians (60%) and the british who lead positive sentiment with 64%.

Source: Radian6

*Due to privacy facebook only allows social listening platform to listen in public pages, not personal profiles.

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