Why do people become friends with brands on Facebook?

In March 2011, Mediabrands and Facebook joined forces to conduct some research to understand the motivations for users to engage or disengage with brands on Facebook. This information is exclusive on the Australian market! I can’t yet reveal the details of the research methodology and findings since we are just releasing it… but get in touch with me and the Mediabrands Sydney team if you’d like to hear more.


What I can do is tease you with the top 5 findings: 

 #1 Facebookers are more actively rejecting people than brands: 60% have deleted a friend/ 33% of  people who have made friends with a brand have then gone on to unlike it

#2 If they don’t like a brand they’re more likely to cut the friendship than just hide the content (so Facebook friends is a good indicator of engagement)

#3 Free stuff isn’t the primary motivator for befriending a brand (getting free stuff is the third motivator)

#4 Brands get the axe because of too many updates + uninteresting content – whereas people are forgiven for this!

#5 Accessing Facebook from mobile phones is stable throughout the day but PCs or tablet spike at various times

Marie Sornin


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