From advertising to advocacy

This workshop is designed to provide an understanding of the dynamics of social marketing and applicable take awsys for long term success.
It is addressed to professional who already have a bottom line understanding of the social media landscape.
The session is best delivered for a max of 20 people and lasts for about 1.5 hours
The information presented is a balanced mix of facts, experience feedback, case studies from various industries (local and global).



1- Know your audience:

Analyse how your target audience uses digital and social platform

Identify and empower your advocates

2- Distribute Impactful content

Content doesn’t go “viral” by surprise, the 3 keys to success are: entertainment/ value/utility

With the right nature content, you need the right seeding and amplification vehicles

3- Use appropriate channels

Define and unite your social touch points

Go beyond Facebook

4- Apply rules of engagement

Assess your opportunity

Commit to your target audience’s term

Be open, real time and inclusive

5- Conslusions

6- Questions

7- Exercises



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