Facebook vs. Google +: who can answer the million-dollar question?

The million dollar question at the moment is: Is Google + going to take over Facebook?

As more and more users get onto Google + and Facebook releases tweaks after tweaks…. It’s clear that Google + is threatening Facebook‘s monopoly on social networking.
I tried to come up with some prediction to answer the million-dollar question, but it’s a tough one, so I took a different approach; looked at the way they both go to market and came up with “the tower strategy

Here is my theory:
Ultimately both 
Facebook and Google are competing for the highest audiences reach and deepest user engagement. Everything else (i.e. ability to grow and attract advertising budget, innovation power…) follows.
They have taken two different approaches:

Facebook= build high and then consolidate
Being first to market 
Facebook has gone for a vertical rise and built its reach. With over 750 million users globally, the tower has risen. Then, the key for Facebook has been to populate every level of its tower. By developing features based on users expectations it aims at broadening the engagement of the millions of Facebookers: email & msging, video call, check in, geo location… so far Facebook has achieved this so brillantly that it has become one of the most frequently visited digital platform. 


 And by the way these are the tallest towers in the world (not under constructoin)!

Google = craft blocks and stack them up

From initially being a search engine Google has gone for a flat deployment and has expanded its network by adding critical building blocks: YouTube, Gmail, Android, Picassa, Google reader, calendar, Google TV… and now Google +
Next steps for 
Google are all about structuring its great apps together cementing them into Google + and rely on its circles which tackles Facebook on its main weakness.
This would explain the mandatory Gmail account to get on board might appear like a barrier now but could actually become a strength very soon!


Here are some stats to show you how close they are and why the million-dollar question is so hard to answer:


I wish I had a million dollar to give to whomever could give us the answer but I don’t, so I am simply going to ask you for your opinion: Do you think that Google + will take over Facebook or can they both share the market?

 Marie Sornin


3 thoughts on “Facebook vs. Google +: who can answer the million-dollar question?

  1. hi guys, thanks for your comments! I am thinking of doing more lecturing and academic research…. as you have seen, I am passionate about digital and social media and this industry is constantly evolving, so lots of scope for research & innovation!Now on Google+<>FB, look out for information over the next few weeks. Google+ just opened up to everyone todau and announced the opening of professional pages… just a few days ahead of f8 where FB is also going to announce major updates. Good luck for your assignments!

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