Are we all becoming newsagents?

When launching Timeline in Sept, Mark Zuckerberg said “we have the ability not only to change the way we think about news but have the ability to change the way the whole news industry works” Pretty bold statement for a 27 year old, isn’t it? In fact, the reshape of the news industry has already kicked off… News is still put together but journalists and breaking news still distributed by major news organization and credible sources but the way we access and consume news content is shifting from reading the paper or watching the 6pm bulletin to discovering info from parallel publishing. 

Hal Crawford, head of news at Ninemsn predicts that by 2012, social media will represent 30% of Ninemsn news’ traffic referral, which would be as big as the homepage and much bigger than Search Engine Optimization (currently sitting at around 10%).

I have researched how a few 2010/2011 major stories were covered to demonstrate how much the news industry has changed and how great of an opportunity lies ahead:

 – 2011 Queensland floods:
News Digital integrated some interactive images to their coverage of the Queensland floods in January 2011.

This generated over 2,000 shares, much higher than traditional breaking news editorial.


Are you one of the 54,000 people who shared the below image or a frog riding a snake? Or may be one of the potential 7 millions who saw it appear in one of your Facebook’s friends feed?


– Sept 11, 10th  anniversary:
The New York Times (which has been ranked world most social brand in the NetProspex social business report) covered the 10th anniversary of Sept 11th by creating an interactive map where users could pin, share and express where they were on Sept 11th 2001.


 John Galliano’s racist rant:
If you missed this one, it is a good example of parallel publishing. This citizen journalism video was distributed through social channels before being picked up by news organizations and Dior’s house. In that case, the power of social cost Galliano his dream job and Dior a lot apologies…

 A few more crazy numbers to finish off: 


So are we all becoming newsagents, or are we killing the newsagents?

Marie Sornin




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