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Summary of my thoughts on what technology and media consumption trends are bringing us in 2012 and beyond, ready, set, go!

– No, I am not predicting the weather but it’ll be cloudy
Cloud computing is becoming one the marketing highlights for the technology giants Apple, Microsoft, Google of course… Cloud computing is step by step becoming default for data storage and computer operations. This will clearly accelerate the accessibility of information and therefore mobility. Couple that with miniaturization of technology and here comes the evolution of interfaces.

 Although this video is a bit cliché, and very pro Microsoft, it displays technology applications that are not so far of… some prototypes are already in testing.

Have you noticed that people who recently acquired the IPhone 4S are starting to talk at their handset, or at Siri, rather than into the device… it demonstrates the beginning of a radical change in the way we use our mobile phones. Those who have visited MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) in Hobart must have witnessed the same trend when watching visitors discovering the art work guided by an IPhone app.
So, phones morphing into mini PAs? Why not, they know everything about us, are always with us and are connected to everyone in our world…

Strong transformation is also happening to our “primary screen”- TV set. The main example here is project Natal (talked about previously in a post) initiated by Microsoft and gave birth to Xbox 360 Kinect. Kinect is motion sensitive, the next step from there is Milo: our screen to recognize us based on the way we look and move

No its not science fiction and yes, it’s a bit spooky! Now, to make this even more impactful, bear in mind that projections forecast that 65% of the TV set sold in the USA next year will be web enabled, that Youtube is investing US$100 Million in programming and that Apple is rumored to be launching a TV set within the next 18 months…. This really has the potential to merge our TV and net surfing experience, and for the first time ever giving advertiser the interactivity and accountability of digital with the reach of TV!

– 2012 is not going to be “the year of mobile”
According to the graph below, the year of mobile will be 2014 when mobile browsing will over take desktop browsing! 


Although tablets are the fastest ever growing device (according to the PWC outlook, they reach 30% of Australian households by 2016), mobile phones are the motor of growth. Of course this has a lot of implications for cross platform content consumption, advertising and retail… The game changer here appears to be M payment closing the loop between marketing, conversion and convenience!

– A new type of gold rush
The always on social and mobile, will translate into one affirmation: privacy will die and data will live! Creating the new gold rush: the “data rush”. Data is where the value is for meaningful advertising… DMPs are now opening new horizons for advertisers to extend their own data mining to much broader populations.

With the always on mobile and social media, the sets of criteria that can be offered by behavioral targeting products go from socio demographic, interests to relevance, emotional, psychological behaviors. Even though we do hear some controversy about data collection practices, the concept of privacy has totally shifted for the generation who checks in by default everywhere they go and communicates via wall to wall rather than text!

– From planner/ buyer to mathmen/madmen
Real Time Trading is one of the biggest shifts the media industry will go through over the next few years. Media agencies are looking to protect their profit margins threatened by clients requesting more transparency and accountability on their investment. The solution is seen through real time and automatic trading enabled by Demand Side Platforms or trading desks… The challenges for here for agencies will be to get access to quality inventory and sooner or later develop cross platform tools. For publishers it will be about maintaining yield and for advertisers to control the environment their brand is displayed. As you can understand, it will require a significant amount of work from all parties, so don’t be scared to loose your job, adapt your skill sets now to what will be high demand soon! Media planner and buyer roles will morph into analysts and ad operations specialists.

Credits to: Mashable/ Chris Stephenson– head of strategy at PHD Sydney

I hope those ideas will get you excited about 2012!
Enjoy the silly season

Marie Sornin


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