Anatomy of a culture shock

I have always said that the Facebook phenomenon is not just new way of staying in touch with friends & family but a radical and global cultural change. The Facebook people demonstrated it brilliantly last week at the “Hack Sydney” event.
These are core the statements that illustrate Facebook ‘s corporate culture:

*Move fast and break things*
*What would you do if you were not afraid?*
*This journey is 1% finished*

And, that’s not it! Have you ever been told stuff like “come and hang out with us and we’ll what happens” in a job interview? … Well that is what Mark Zuckerberg told Lars Rasmussen when he pitched him over from Google. Not so conventional, right?


There was more than these types of anecdotes in this impressive event put together by Facebook Aus NZ. There was one diagram “the dimension of social marketing” shared by Jesse Dwyer- comm. Strategist at Facebook that I find particularly relevant for social marketers.


Believe it or not but these 3 letters & arrows can pretty much predict the outcome of any social media campaign.
To be successful the activity you are planning must in phase with where your brand is on the above social marketing graph. Your ideas might be fantastic but they will fail if not adapted to the current state of your social media maturity.

C: building a fan base
E:  fans are just the beginning; they also mean friends of fans
I: Word of mouth at scale
I: Be “social by design” 

If you need to check if a concept is strong enough , ask yourself if it can be translated into 4 ideas for each step of the social marketing dimension!

Were you at the event? Did you collect any other good advice?

Marie Sornin


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