Facebook strikes again

Just 6 months after the announcement of Timeline at F8, Facebook is now releasing timeline for brand pages (available on March 30th)

Exactly like timeline for users, timeline for brand pages rolls out some major tweaks and of course, like any Facebook change it’s meant for a better end user experience…  but won’t please everyone.

One of the most striking differences is the cover: a giant 851 x 315 pixel banner across the top of the page. Because Facebook puts their users first there are some restrictions to the cover photo and brands won’t be able to display calls to action (25% off/ like the page…). The cover is specifically designed for branding and I am sure some agencies will get very creative. I can already see great potential for cross platform (outdoor & mobile/ TV & web)
Wondering if the 851×315 is going to become a standard?


Not as visible but non the less important: brand won’t be able to set up default landing pages anymore, and therefore no more “like gates”. That’s the one that is going to piss marketers off! Apps were a great way to get users to Like a page… in other words: set up a kick arse competition, market to your existing community and watch your fan base grow for free… well apparently default landing tabs only drive 10% of the total Page traffic. So surprise surprise, with no more “Like gate” one of the most efficient way to grow traffic will be Facebook advertising!!!

Other new features worth noticing: users can filter the content of the timeline by their friends activity… for sure very relevant, and as demonstrated below, you could be surprised what your friends think about your favorite brand!!


Facebook also makes a clear attack to its competitors.

Why should Twitter by the King platform for CRM?
With the direct message option users can send private correspondence to the brand. For sure it’s cheaper than call centers and customers will now expect a 247 service.
Why not kill Pinterest before it becomes too influential (by the way, yes Pinterest is big and important. In fact it’s already as big as Tumblr but onlu10 months old!!!),

Pinned posts, highlights, milestones will get picked up by the EdgeRank news feed visibility algorithm… reminds you of the Google index search results doesn’t it?? 

Overall the new timeline for brand pages is much more interactive than standard pages, I feel like saying we are now entering Facebook 2.0 and yes it feels like Facebook is now dictating the rules of the web:

Like Box (right hand side/ below the fold), or the Facebook equivalent to Link building…


So, yes Facebook strikes again…. Opening the way to a new internet…

Marie Sornin


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