Will “in view ads” become the new benchmark for digital media?

We have argued over auto refresh, video auto play, post view… here comes “in view ads”. I sense that ad verification is to be the next debate on the digital media industry and I’d like to get your opinion on this trending topic!

From what I have heard so far agencies and media owners will fundamentally disagree: Clients will push for “verified impressions” to become the main currency of online measurement and delivery, whereas publishers will want to protect the monetization of all types of ad supply across their networks.

There is currently no industry standard on the topic and the information available comes from US research or anecdotal technical vendors deploying new products (which are yet to be audited)… What’s worrying is that once again the digital medium is being scrutinized for its accountability when NO other media channel can deliver anywhere near its level of measurement… in spite of “30% of paid ads never seen” according to Ad news, online video ads received 18% more attention than TV video ads (IPG Media Lab advertising attention study)


So, let’s be clear “ ad verification” is a system that ensures every ad impression is a quality impression, every impression is compliant, and every ad was served and displayed exactly as intended. Basically a way to control that not only the ads are served in the right environment to the right audience but that they are actually viewed!

Please help me build an informed opinion, share your thoughts & experience on the topic!

Marie Sornin



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