Is Apple the future of television?

I haven’t read Steve Jobs biography yet, so you might wonder what makes me question this assumption… Well, there are few things coming together:
– Smart TVs are here
– Consumers request more control and convenience over what they want to watch
– It is now becoming more apparent that Tablets and Smart phones are distracting TV viewers and changing the “lean back” TV experience into a more active behavior… and when you the rate at which tablets are entering the market : 1.2-1.4 Mill in Australia, with now households with multiple devices


So, how smart would it be to use tablets to enhance the TV experience rather than being a distraction? Steve Jobs had this vision since 2006 when he first launched Apple TV. My point is around min 13 of this video, where Steve Jobs shows how the iPad is becoming the controlling device for the home TV

Watch the vide and pay attention at aound 13 min… that’s what makes think that

Now just imagine the rest… Itunes embedded within Facbeook (like Spotify), and streamed through your TV screen via your iPad… looks like social TV could get cracked very soon!

Marie Sornin


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