2012 Cannes Lions download

I am not going to analyze the award winning campaigns. You can view the Cyber Lions case studies here (have a look, some campaigns are quite amazing)

During the festival, there has been some tremendous presentations and seminars, here is a download of my favorite ones:

 Paul Adams-Global Head of Brand Design at Facebook: Brilliant presentation about social media. When you go social: think people not technology

The full presentation can also be viewed here

A campaign that illustrates the concept of “people web” is the museum of me. Sorry I couldn’t resist, for those who haven’t seen it yet (Gold Lion).

Alain de Botton- Philosopher: By far some of the most interesting and inspiring thoughts about advertising (and it’s not because of his accent!!)

More of his though provoking speech here too!
If you are in Sydney in July, Alain de Botton will be speaking at the Opera House

How can advertising make a better world:

And some more good ideas for small business by Amex: Small Business Saturday

And some kids stuff to finish off

Marie Sornin


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