NFC, is it a game changer?

The buzzword NFC is the acronym for Near Field Communication. It is a Radio Frequency Identification technology that enables data to be transferred from a reader to a passive electronic tag within very small distance (4cm max). Charles Walton invented it in 1983. NFC microchips can now be inserted in almost anything; mobile phones of course, cards, bracelets, accessories etc.… If you have used PayPass, Google wallet, or Navigo (pour les Parigos) you have used NFC!

Why would it be a game changer?

NFC is way more efficient than QR codes faster than Bluetooth*, doesn’t require pairing, consumes a lot less energy, can operate from an unpowered device, and can transfer a reasonable amount of information (424Kbits/s) in 0.1s.

In 2011, there were over 40 NFC enabled handsets: Android, Windows, and Blackberry being the main vendors. What about Apple? There are 2 theories about Apple & NFC: Apple is waiting for the right moment or Apple will make the right moment happen…

For now, NFC is mostly used by early adopters or for very specific applications. Transport and ticketing are already on board, because NFC’s short range makes it particularly suitable for crowded areas. It’s 40% quicker than card swiping and 50% quicker than paying cash!

There is 1 million new NFC devices are activated everyday. Some research shows that it could reach 30% of smart phone users within 18 months. It will commoditise all of sudden.

NFC is more than a gimmick. Once security protocol enables banks and telcos to manage transactions, NFC should really take off

Businesses, which are getting ready now to integrate NFC within their products, will be well placed to enhance their customer experience.

So, do I think that NFC is a game changer? Yes, I do! Why? because delivers speed and convenience, and they are all consumers want from technology.

Looking forward to say goodbye to cards, log-ins, pin codes…

*Bluetooth low energy is 94% faster

Marie Sornin


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