F8- what do you really need to know?

My colleague Olly Wilton, just put together this comprehensive summary of F8 and was happy to share.
Launching their mobile app ad network. Similar to the Twitter/ mo-pub alliance (theres is called Parse). looks like you will be able to select formats you run across it, including extending the reach of your Promoted Facebook posts. Native, native, native.
Part of this is developing their SDK, to make it easier for app builders to integrate and build on-top of FB API
Inline image 1
Anonymous Log in.
Not to Facebook. But you will now be able to log into 3rd party websites (to build profile, comment, personalise etc) anonymous in that it won’t share you FB data with that site (not sharing of permissions), but it will share it back to FB. So they can use your data for better targeting.
They see this as their step towards becoming the access point to the wider web
Sponsored Posts. Zuckerberg wants “beautiful and relevant” ads in users Newsfeeds.
To compliment this there will also be an increase in focus around on platform commerce and actions “Engagement ads”. i.e the “Book now” ads
Inline image 2
First indications of Whatsapp being integrated. They are looking to bring messaging into mobile and native FB apps. C2C, B2C and B2B

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