Marie Sornin

Innovation Strategy – Digital Media – Revenue Growth – Business Development

I am a French native, adopted Australian turned New Yorker. 

Working in international markets is in my DNA. Entrepreneurship and innovation have driven my career from early stages to where I am today.

I co-founded one of the first full service digital agencies in Europe. Working with accounts such as Accor hotels and Kellogg’s, my business partners and I turned our vision into a profitable business within 3 years.

I then moved to Australia in search of the ideal lifestyle, whilst continuing to sharpen my experience. I joined Leo Burnett and Zenith-Optimedia part of the Publicis groupe and later Interpublic to lead digital strategy for major brands such as Citi, 20th Century Fox, Nestlé, Unilever, and Microsoft.

I was one of only five employees chosen to comprise Twitter‘s pre-IPO launch team in Australia. In charge of building relationships with Fortune 500 companies, I pro actively and successfully launched Twitter’s video sponsorship product in partnership with the main local broadcaster and L’Oréal. This courageous move propelled me to head of international development based in New York. I negotiated multiple complex global deals, bringing Viacom and Coca Cola together for instance, orchestrated the first live streaming program outside the USA, expanded the NBA & NFL sponsorships to emerging markets. I became a pillar of the team that grew video monetization to $100 M a year and ignited Twitter’s revenue growth.

Being a change agent, I am inspired by pushing the tech & media community to its next revolution which I believe to be immersive experiences, that’s why I joined NextVR as VP of Growth and Revenue. My position is anchored at the intersection of business development, marketing and sales.

In summary, I scale new services and technologies to global markets.