Social media: it’s that simple!

The goal isn't to be good at social media, the goal is to be good at business because of social media

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Twitter cheat sheet

Twitter cheat sheet

everything you need to about how to use Twitter


I prepared a quick basic intro to Twitter for a project I am currently working on: my “Tweetorial” I thought I would share!
Enjoy the twittersphere & apply these tips, and I bet you will start getting value/ results out of Twitter!

<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> Tweetorial </strong> from <strong>Marie Sornin</strong> </div>

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Social networks: quick facts!

Update with April 2013 stats:

Key trends over the last 12 months:
Facebook is starting to lose reach (very slight decline-0.18% YoY)
– Instagram shows record growth (+118% YoY), ahead of Reddit (+88.41% YoY) and G+ (+68.68%)
Linkedin & Twitter still fighting for number 2 position but will be interesting to see how things evolved with G+ bridging the gap with these two!
– Not surprisingly Foursquare and Myspace keep shrinking….

Social Networks in Australia (April 2013)- Nielsen netview

Social Networks in Australia (April 2013)

Previous  stats from Jan 2013.


Tracking the growth of social networks in Australia over the last 6 months:
Spotify is the clear winner, strong increase from G+ as well which has overtaken Linkedin.

Let’s keep an eye on the new myspace to see what that’s going to do!


April 2012

No surprises in the ranking: Facbeook still dominates (Facebook actually claims to reach 12 Mill users, but Nielsen still reports 10 Mill +).
The interesting trends are with the smaller networks: Tumblr, Pinterst still going strong. Instagram going off the charts (but that was before they got bouth out by Facebook. I suspect this might slpw down and will get rolled up into Facbeook traffic, with the new Facbeook camera), and teh new entrant: Spotify… watch this space, or shoudl I say… listen to this space…


Stats from December 20111


Because these stats are always handy…
I will update them regularly, feel free to download!

Marie Sornin 

A day on the northern beaches…

A visual journey exploring the beauty of our beaches 

A day on the northern beaches, starts like this:


One day, and this was enough inspiration for me to express the beautiful and laid back atmosphere of Sydney’s northern beaches into an art project.

“A day on the northern beaches” is a serie of paintings, all done on recycled wood, of all sizes and shapes displaying iconic landscapes of the amazing beaches form Manly to Palm beach. 

My first exhbition took place at Angel restaurant- 29 Crown Rd- Queenscliff (from Nov 10th to Dec 10th) with opening  Sunday November 13th
Thanks to everyone who came along and made it a real success!

Hopefully, this is the first of a long serie of artistic projects going from Queenscliff to Paris… 

Here are samples of the paintings so far:

Surfer at North Steyne



June 2011- Portrait stand 26x10cm

Headland at Avalon beach


June 2011- Landscape wall painting 19x63cm

Rock pool at South Curl Curl


June 2011- Landscape wall painting 13x68cm

Mona Vale beach


July 2011- Landscape stand 20x45cm
Now available at Beachwood in Avalon

Palm beach lghthouse


July 2011- Portrait wall painting 64x19cm

Collaroy at sunrise


July 2011- Landscape stand 14x38cm
Contact me for pricing

Manly sunset


June 2011- Landscape wall painting 17x27cm

Queenscliff surf club


August 2011- Portrait stand 22x28cm
Contact me for pricing   

Shelly beach from the bower


August 2011- Landscape wall painting 27x60cm
Contact me for pricing   

Between the flags (South Steyne, North Steyne, Queenscliff surf lifevsaving clubs)


September 2011- Landscape wall painting 22x97cm
Contact me for pricing    

Les mouettes, on a rainy day


October 2011- Landscape wall painting 14x43cm
Originial sold- but back on popular demand. Second version available, contact me for pricing 

Les mouettes Warhol (aqua, red, blue, green, yellow)


October 2011- Landscape wall painting
Contact me for pricing    



September 2011- Landscape wall painting H14XL40
Now available at Beachwood in Avalon 

From Bondi to Byron


October 2011- Stand 10x65cm
Now available at Beachwood in Avalon

Little Manly


October 2011- Wall painting H29XL29
Contact me for pricing   



October 2011- Mini stand H10XL10

Manly Harbour and ocean side


September 2011- Mini stand H39XL30

Dolphin chase


October 2011- Mini stand H7L8

And plenty more that are not displaid here: double face mobile from Freshwater, Bungan…

And a big thanks to Patrick at Procreate for helping me unlock this creativity;)

And some interest from the Manly daily…… 


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