TVxTwitter- #MIPCOM2014 keynote

For those who missed it, here is the Twitter global TV team keynote at MIPCOM

Marie Sornin


articulate: v. to utter clearly and distinctly; pronounce with clarity.


A third of Australian marketers agree with the following statement:

 “There are not enough agencies / providers with specialist expertise and experience to help us implement and manage our social media marketing”


Hard to believe with 5,045 social media professionals in Sydney (linkedin search)


I think, the statement should be rephrased to:

“As a traditional marketer I haven’t found agencies / providers with specialist expertise and experience that make me feel confident enough to engage my organization into social media marketing


I have come to the conclusion that the social professionals who are going to drive the market further are the ones who are able to articulate the requirements for their clients to get involved in social.

This came even clearer when I recently attended two very inspiring presentations:

From advertising to advocacy by Craig Davis-Chairman @ Mojo

PWC seminar by David Meerman Scott– author of “Real time marketing and PR”

David and Craig have more in common than being two recognized advertising and marketing experts and strong public speakers. Before getting on stage, they were both introduced as some of the people who can best articulate social media.

Both of their presentations were structured around successful case studies, impactful statement and pretty pictures!

That’s all it takes for the audience to be captivated, get involved and leave the room with the couple of key take aways that might set their social marketing activities in motion!


So, to all the social media gurus out there: do your homework, build your experience and continue to experiment… be innovative in your thinking and simple in your words!


Marie Sornin

Which Distribution Networks Are Best for Your Digital Media & Marketing Plan

I will be participating in a panel at ad:tech in Melbourne on March 31st and thought this would be a good opportunity to get my Blogi boulga readers involved!!!

The discussion topic is:
Which Distribution Networks Are Best for Your Digital Media & Marketing Plan

E Marketer just released a survey about the integration of social in the marketing mix: only 10.5% of interrogated CMOs feel social media is very effectively integrated into their marketing strategies. So, I suspect there is a lot to say on the topic. I’d love to hear your thoughts & ideas to fuel the debate.

As a social media enthusiast, I see it as very broad topic that brings social right in the centre of the discussion: we are not talking media channels any more but distribution networks! From there, the debate opens around the integration of social into strategic planning, content, measurement… even media valuation. What makes me think that? Here are some my initial thoughts around 3 main points: strategy/content/ measurement

          We can’t think straight
Social now impacts channel planning: Strategists and marketers can’t think straight any more, by straight I mean: one dimension. It is not about pull or push it is about circle of influence, content amplification and advocacy and that is “3D”.
How do you think media, advertising & marketing professionals should approach this “3D” job?

          Is the ad break over?
The material we give to customers is shifting: Not all content is created equal: as you can imagine a TVC, a product tutorial is not going to have the same social momentum as piece of branded content… Brilliant example produced by our friends @ ensemble for Splice bringing the Hoff in Australia for Splice ice creams:

This video got apprx 100,000 views over a few weeks.

How does content fit in the brand & media strategy?

          Get more than what you bargained for One impression might worth more than its price: I believe that the TRUE value of a “paid impression” should include the weight of the “earned impressions” it generates. With social monitoring abilities we could be adding a new set of data to media valuation and ROI. In that light, conversation tracking seem very disjointed from traditional brand health survey and sales reporting as well as media evaluation to measure the impact of a campaign….

A nice case study put together by Andrew, digital strategist at Publicis around the recent NAB #break up campaign. Andrew says that “NAB usually hovers at about 22% – along with line with the big competitors ANZ, CBA and Westpac. These last few days things certainly have changed…. Not only are there significantly more mentions for NAB but the data also suggests mentions are overwhelmingly positive.”

Are volume of conversation and sentiment enough to understand brand goodwill and the impact of social on ROI?
How can media owners evaluate talk ability in their negotiation?

Share your point of view on these topics, feel free to comment or send me your thoughts.
I am collecting information and starting to articulate my thoughts to participate in the Panel.
Hope to see you at Ad:tech


Marie Sornin