articulate: v. to utter clearly and distinctly; pronounce with clarity.


A third of Australian marketers agree with the following statement:

 “There are not enough agencies / providers with specialist expertise and experience to help us implement and manage our social media marketing”


Hard to believe with 5,045 social media professionals in Sydney (linkedin search)


I think, the statement should be rephrased to:

“As a traditional marketer I haven’t found agencies / providers with specialist expertise and experience that make me feel confident enough to engage my organization into social media marketing


I have come to the conclusion that the social professionals who are going to drive the market further are the ones who are able to articulate the requirements for their clients to get involved in social.

This came even clearer when I recently attended two very inspiring presentations:

From advertising to advocacy by Craig Davis-Chairman @ Mojo

PWC seminar by David Meerman Scott– author of “Real time marketing and PR”

David and Craig have more in common than being two recognized advertising and marketing experts and strong public speakers. Before getting on stage, they were both introduced as some of the people who can best articulate social media.

Both of their presentations were structured around successful case studies, impactful statement and pretty pictures!

That’s all it takes for the audience to be captivated, get involved and leave the room with the couple of key take aways that might set their social marketing activities in motion!


So, to all the social media gurus out there: do your homework, build your experience and continue to experiment… be innovative in your thinking and simple in your words!


Marie Sornin