MEDIAWATCH #10: Brazil

Brazil media landscape 2016

Media Watch #10- Brazil

A different type of chaos

As I enter my first winter in New York, Juno, the historic blizzard is bringing Chaos to the city. The irony is that I am looking at this dangerous mess on the TV screen of my air conditioned hotel room perched above “a different type of chaos”.

I spend half of my life in the most organized city in the world: NYC where everything runs on time, or should I say where time runs everything… and the rest in other urban amalgams such as Mexico city, Jakarta, where time doesn’t seem to matter.

I am on a business tip over the next 7 weeks. I will share my thoughts as I travel from Mexico City to Jakarta, Delhi Mumbai, Sydney, Tokyo and Singapore.

Here is the first philosophical thought that emerged in mind after a few days on the road,:
Is there a way out of the vicious circle of growth?

Might it be Sao Paulo, Jakarta, Mexico City… progress is creating mess and mess appears greater progress.

Everywhere you look you can see a construction site: roads are getting larger, buildings are getting taller, more electric cables are wired. So I wonder: is growth ever going to catch up with the chaos, or will chaos always be there as long as there is growth?

Illustration by example:
As crazy as it sounds: Jakarta a city that counts 10 million souls is only building its metro in 2014.

As a results, the roads which were already totally congested are getting even more clogged because of the roadwork.

Great, metro is super good news for the population and the environment, but…

As the metro is getting built, so are thousands of high-rise buildings crushing traditional housing.

Once these buildings are populated with homes and business, is going to cope. How about telecommunication infrastructure?

This will create need for more construction, throwing the vicious circle of growth into a spin!

Should I become an urban planner?

Next stop Sydney… don’t get me started about Military road