MEDIAWATCH #5: The Philippines

As I continue my journey around Asia, I discovered the Philippines.

I certainly had one of my craziest travel story trying to go to the airport during #APEC2015 summit… I also discovered a really dynamic digital industry. In spit of a relatively low internet penetration (25%-42% depending on the source) advertisers are ready for innovation on digital platforms!

Mediawatch Philippines

Mediawatch Philippines

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It is slightly more difficult to find robust information about the Chinese media landscape than any other country I have researched so far.

Here is an overview of what I have compiled from multiple sources

Chinese media landscape

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Additional read if you want to go deeper:

The State of Chinese Advertising

Social, Digital & Mobile in China 2014

Marie Sornin

MEDIAWATCH #1: South Korea

Over the last year, I have been fortunate to visit 10 different countries on business.
The experience and learnings I captured during each trip are tremendously valuable.
I have been writing specific work reports, and I have also decided to share broader observations about each market.

This is my media watch, starting with South Korea where I am spending the week.
I will then backfill with India, Brasil, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico, Australia, France..

  • Population: 49.3 Million
  • Internet penetration: 85.3%

Skorea population and internet metrics

  • Media Spend:  Mobile ad spend is said to account for 10-15% of total ad spend in 2015 and as much as 29% by 2019.
    IPTV & Mobile represent the strongest growth. This demonstrates the power of fast mobile network accessible anywhere (when everyone watches mobile on their phone in the subway: commute time is the new prime time).

S Korea spend by media

  • Mobile leaders: Google and Facebook are strongly represented, yet they are being crushed by the regional giants Daum Kakao and Naver.

S Korea mobile apps used

  • Opportunities for international companies: South Korea is well connected and extremely competitive. The lessons learnt by observing the dynamics can be very valuable (Kakao’s vertical integration is fascinating. Although described as a messaging service it also offers e commerce, content curation, taxi services…).
    South Korea is a great benchmark.
  • Barriers for international companies: Language.
  • Personal observation: This is the most competitive market I have ever seen with local player being extremely advance + vertical integration like nowhere else.
  • Fun fact: #KPOP is everywhere.
      • Travel tips: Traveling to Korea is like stepping into the future.

Marie Sornin

F8- what do you really need to know?

My colleague Olly Wilton, just put together this comprehensive summary of F8 and was happy to share.
Launching their mobile app ad network. Similar to the Twitter/ mo-pub alliance (theres is called Parse). looks like you will be able to select formats you run across it, including extending the reach of your Promoted Facebook posts. Native, native, native.
Part of this is developing their SDK, to make it easier for app builders to integrate and build on-top of FB API
Inline image 1
Anonymous Log in.
Not to Facebook. But you will now be able to log into 3rd party websites (to build profile, comment, personalise etc) anonymous in that it won’t share you FB data with that site (not sharing of permissions), but it will share it back to FB. So they can use your data for better targeting.
They see this as their step towards becoming the access point to the wider web
Sponsored Posts. Zuckerberg wants “beautiful and relevant” ads in users Newsfeeds.
To compliment this there will also be an increase in focus around on platform commerce and actions “Engagement ads”. i.e the “Book now” ads
Inline image 2
First indications of Whatsapp being integrated. They are looking to bring messaging into mobile and native FB apps. C2C, B2C and B2B

Sex, drugs and rock’n roll @IgniteSydney

Here is my participation at IgniteSydney for marketers, on the topic of the three words that will guarantee social media success.

As you will see: Sex, drugs and rock’n roll is not all it takes…


Try it at work, and give thumbs if you like!

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