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Following my previous blog about the Mobile World Congress, I recently interviewed Tim Buesing (creative director at Reactive, editor at Adverblog, and contributor at Australia in Front) to get his opinion about the changes that mobile devices are instigating to the marketing industry and consumers behaviours.

Tim has 17 years of digital design experience in the world’s best advertising agencies such as Reactive, Holler, Publicis Mojo, BBDO
In this video, Tim shares his point of view about the internet of things, how to take clients on the mobile journey, the evolution of web design to omni platforms and much more!

Enjoy & feel free to contribute!
There is so much happening in this space at the moment… I’d love to hear about some innovative projects you might be working on, or just exciting stuff you have came across!

You can also read more about Tim’s projects and opinion and work at: Adverblog, and Australia in Front or simply by following him on Twitter


Doing time in Indian Prisons

No, I am not doing time in an Indian jail, but I Just got back from an incredible journey around India…

As cliche as it might sound, a trip to India is a life changing experience…

For those who have never been to India, the first few minutes are a very accurate description of what the country is like.

I hope the rest of the rest of video will make you believe that the world can become a better place!


Marie Sornin

How to make it in America

Timely topic, while americans are choosing their next president, Kristin Kunasingam shares her experience from the time she spent at the Chicago Performics offce

Marie Sornin

Stay hungry. Stay foolish

I just finished reading Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. Whether you are an Apple fanatic or not, I highly recommend the book to anyone wanting to understand the digital ear in which we live!

I think everyone would agree that he was a one of a kind perfectionist and visionary. I am totally appreciative of the man, his business achievements and his impact on consumer technology. However lunatic or hero? I can’t quite decide. Please help me form an opinion…

For those who haven’t read the book, this speech (Stanford commencement speech 2005) is a good summary of his life & business philosophy… highly inspiring

Stay Hungry, stay foolish



Under 30

Interview with this year’s B&T 30 under 30 finalists.

Good luck to Marshy, Laura, Nat & Nat, Maura, Sam!!!