Sneaking Duck splashing in social media

OK, this is my first serious attempt at video journalism… while the format is very amateur, I hope you will enjoy the content and the social marketing tips shared by Mark Capps, co founder and CEO of Sneaking Duck.

But first, who is Mark? What is Sneaking Duck?

Mark is an ex-Googler who has always had wide opened eyes to the scale of possibility offered by the Internet and a passion for online retail. When Mark recently discovered his need for glasses, he quickly realized that glasses don’t have to be “only” functional. They are accessories and should be purchased the way we purchase accessories: according to our mood and our style!
So, along with his friends at Shoes of Prey, Mark just launched Sneaking Duck, an innovative online optical fashion retailer.

Here is a quick interview with Mark about the use social media within his marketing strategy

Sneaking Duck launched early November 2011. I’ll touch base with Mark again in a few months to check on how his little duck is going at making a splash in the big pond of Australian retailers… in the meantime, you now know where to go to match your glasses to your shoes…

Marie Sornin

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