Cookies n sharks: the new recipe for ad planning

Today’s post is about the impact of social media on ad planning. Nothing to do with the main industry news of the day: the recent and surprising Publicis-Omincom merger.
This would be my attempt at leveraging real time events, pretty lame… I know…

The more experience I build in social media, the more obvious the challenge faced by marketers appears to me… Clearly, the agency<>client<>media-owner trio is not geared to operate in real time. From this situation arise most of the difficulties advertising professionals face in their day-to-day jobs, such as lack of understanding of the platforms, fear of loosing control to consumers, poor content, etc.…

The social media powered world evolves around breaking news, live events, influencers and their clout. For advertisers, it means capturing moments as they happen and turning them into “social currency” for their brands.

How? By introducing the concept of agile marketing.

Attempting a definition, would give something like “create, communicate and deliver unique value to an always changing consumer in an always changing market.

The perfect example of agile marketing is the Oreo daily twist campaign.

Every day for 100 days, the brand hijacked pop culture events and turned them into Oreo sharable content broadcasted via their social media channels. Oreo called it an “ambitious exercise of real time culture jacking”.

The effect: Oreo was the real winner of the Super Bowl with their “You can still dunk in the dark”. Did Oreo spend millions of $ to buy a TV spot during the Super Bowl? No… did Oreo reach millions of eyeballs during the game? Yes! Do people remember & talk about their message? Hell yes!
SuperBowl Oreo. You can still dunk in the dark

The smarts in this activation is that it keeps on giving way past the 100 days of the campaign… Proof is the “sharks in your living room” referencing the recent Sharknando phenomenon.
Oreo for Sharknado: sharks in your living room

So, how did they do it and why is it such an important case study?

They did it by getting their agencies and brand staff to collaborate as a virtual newsroom! By doing so, they transformed their brand planning cycle to “agile marketing”. And it worked!

With the rise of social media platforms it becomes more and more important for the trio (agency<>client<>media-owner) to adapt, react and even create live opportunities to communicate.

I believe that we should retire the yearly or quarterly planning cycles to unlock endless opportunities for brands to exchange with their audiences. The brands that will stand out in the future are the ones able to engage with their customers in the moment

Marie Sornin

Marry Me Microsoft

Pretty cool social experiment that the Mediabrands agencies- Ensemble, UM and Reprise- just launched together for Microsoft Australia.

Marry Me Microsoft: One man, one PC, one week to organise a wedding


The idea is to give away a $25,000 wedding and honeymoon package in early December but there is just one rather large catch. The groom – who will be selected from an application process will have just five days (Dec 6-10) to organise the entire wedding using only an internet-connected PC loaded Windows 7, Office 2010 and Windows Live Essentials while living in a ‘bachelor bubble’ in Sydney’s CBD.

Meanwhile, his bride, who will not be allowed to participate in the planning process or aid her fiancé, will be pampered like a true princess during a five day luxury holiday on the Gold Coast.

Over the course of the five day challenge, the groom will complete a series of tasks to ensure he gets every detail of the wedding planned. He will have to rely on his own resourcefulness and Microsoft’s technology tools to source necessities like a wedding dress, a venue and the flowers. The groom will eat, sleep and dream the wedding while the general public will be able to follow his progress and interact with him in person at the ‘bachelor bubble’ as well as online through the Microsoft Windows Australia Facebook page.

We are inviting engaged couples to apply through the Windows Australia Facebook page by explaining in 100 words or less why they think this would be the perfect way to plan their wedding. Applicants need to “Like” the page and click on the “Register” tab to enter. You must act fast if you are interested as the call for entry is only open for a few days (until at 5pm AEDST on Saturday November 20th, 2010)

We are only a few days into the campaign and we have received an amazing response to the challenge Proof that the cross platform integration including: Channel’s 9 today show, Nova radio and Facebook is working nicely!

Stay tuned, there will be more details to come as we move into the crocs of it….


Marie Sornin