Shouldn’t we say “brand experience” rather than native advertising?

I participated in the IAB seminar about native advertising alongside other industry experts: @HelgeFelixK from Fairfax, @benhamin from The Monkeys and @acwiedlin from Buzz Feed

Some awesome case studies were shared.

I presented the Jello pudding face meter:

Ben presented Oak reverse robbery:

What do these 2 campaigns have in common?

They create an experience based on emotional insights: might it be disappointment when once can not find their favorite flavored milk in the fridge, or one can’t help but smile when remembering the sweet taste of pudding.

I referred to this quote from David Ogilvy:
The Brand is not just a what you say it is, it’s the totality of what the consumer experiences”

Which I think these 2 examples illustrate very well.

But the best example to date for me is still the Redbull Stratos jump which demonstrates the power of what brands can create when thinking brand experience.

No more paid- owned- earned but a cross media phenomenon that makes everyone’s heart pound…

I also shared my personal experience with GoPro, and how I went from watching this…

… to creating this:

So, when discussing native advertising spend less energy worrying about the format, the distribution channels or cost of production… and concentrate your efforts in thinking how you can transform your message into an experience that your audience is wanting to participate in…

Marie Sornin

How do good ideas happen

I remember in my early days at Leo Burnett hearing one of the creative directors say: “Luck finds the prepared minds” a quote from Louis Pasteur (responsible the major scientific breakthroughs, including pasteurization, or one of the ways that make French cheeses available throughout the world!). This quote still resonates with me and always helps me to get creative and not frustrated! If you work with creative people, they would all tell you that good ideas don’t just happen, the process takes a while before an idea reaches its full potential.

Creative thinking is one of the favorite parts of my job as a strategist and I can’t help but wonder what if my mind stops??? 

Earlier this week, I attended a networx event by “Ken and Barbie”, as pointed out on campaign brief, Justin Drape, Co-founder / Executive Creative Director – The Monkeys and Simone Drewry, Managing Director of Mango Sydney. They were talking about pitch process that agencies have to go through to win new business, and within the conversations a few good points were made about idea generation. This Tweet I sent during the evening summarizes it pretty well


 They both agreed that you first need to establish a vision. Without a vision, you will end up somewhere you probably don’t want to be. They also both briefly explained how they have came up with a framework for their staff to generate top of the game ideas. This involves, brainstorm sessions, sourcing inspiration and also stepping back from the business problem, office pressure, etc… have you noticed how sometimes, you come up with something that is really powerfull in your sleep, on the bus, or somewhere more intimate…  I had one of those when I went for a run yesterday morning. Psychologists agree that stress and worry, kill your creativity and that your maximum potential can only be achieved when your mind is free and clear. That’s what Simone  meant by adding “magic” in the creative thinking process! Shake up the work environment by having guest speakers, think tank sessions, days out of the office, fun times… Successful companies do that really well.  Google as an example allows a % of Googlers’ time to be dedicated to pro active developments. That’s how Google maps came to life, and how brilliant is Google maps?. I am wondering if that’s a how the wilderness downtown campaign also happened? 

 During the presentation, demonstration of the process was done by Justin who took us through the work done on the Ship Song project for the Sydney Opera House: 14 months in the making, a long maturation time, no compromise between the agency and the client, a lot of passion. This is what it took for those talented people to create something truly beautiful that Australia can be proud of:



So, remember: stick to your vision, liberate your mind, eat fruits (they are better than junk food to help your brain power!!!) get inspired and prepare for luck to strike. If you do all that, no worries to have, you will become a good idea expert!

 Marie Sornin