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Some good work started in Australia in 2013 that I am now continuing internationally from New York with @TwitterAmplify

Marie Sornin

The results are in….

Thanks to the participants of my little experiment.

I am please to announce that in the case of the MIPCOM presentation, the package was not a distraction from the content.

– 83% of the responses showed positive feelings about the dress

75% of the respondents agreed that the dress was an asset and that I should wear again.

75% of the respondents think that I should wear the dress again



So I will!

Marie Sornin

Is it the packaging or the content that really matters?

Ever since my presentation at MIPCOM, the comments I get about the presentation are firstly about The DRESS, and secondly about the presentation.


This situation brings me to think that, with your help, I can attempt to solve serious marketing problem:

Is it the packaging or the content that matters the most?

By the way, this question doesn’t only apply to packaged goods.

Let’s set the context: The DRESS is not a skirt with an overlay, it is not pink, and above all it was not THAT short…

If you haven’t seen the keynote, you can can watch it here (skip to the last 10 min for a view of The DRESS)

Here is the real deal:

A structured, standing collar juxtaposes the ethereal, asymmetrical billowing on the sleeveless Daris dress.Made in our silk georgette fabric

Daris dress by Theory runway


Please help me evaluate the real impact of The DRESS (the packaging) on the TVxtwitter keynote (the content) by taking this anonymous short survey:


Hopefully your honest answers will  help understand if the feedback about the dress was:

1- Politically correct “ what the f** were you thinking @mariesornin, did you really think you could pull this off?? “


2- Genuinely positive “woooo, it looked hot but we don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable..”

I will of course analyse the results with world renown experts such as @amidha and @anna_blue to come up with a decision about the next occasion to wear The DRESS.

The results and decision will be publicly published in my next post.

Thank you for your contribution to solve #firstworldproblems.

Marie Sornin

TVxTwitter- #MIPCOM2014 keynote

For those who missed it, here is the Twitter global TV team keynote at MIPCOM

Marie Sornin