Trends from SXSW- Day 2

Today I focused as much as I could on sessions about videos with a brand panel about Live videos and  a session New York Times CEO about VR .
Here is a summary of day 2 (and the last day for me)
Live video:
Just one year after its launch at SXSW, Meerkat has announced that it is abandoning live streaming
Many keynotes from SXSW were periscoped from the official @handle of shows/ influencers- check this one out if you are a fan of Mr. Robot.
Everyone is convinced that Facebook live is perfectly set up to be (a) the leader in live video: It’s got the reach/ it’s integrated with the Facebook experience & is easy to use.
Mashable had a big partnership with Facebook Live a booth at the Mashable house.
Periscope is perceived like the best tool, best features and a must when it comes to Live video strategy.
Advertisers love the lightweight/ low production budgets of live video + the fact that the audience is totally integral from to the storyline
Some grey areas for advertisers are:
They haven’t figured out when to start promoting a live video campaign (early is frustrating for the audience, close to the broadcast only brings little reach).
They all agree that it is important to promote live content across multiple platforms: FB/ Insta/ Twitter
VR cameras are already becoming easier & cheaper to access, however production and story telling still remain very complex.
Cross function collaboration is paramount to execute VR well.
Monetization potential is strong for the future but for now, budgets & commitment are only coming from partners innovation funds and from those ready to take some risks (doesn’t mean budgets are small, just scarce)
Based on the New York Times experience, we are not too far off from citizen journalism in VR. The Olympics might be the tipping point where we start seeing a lot of VR content from professionals as well as amateurs.
Google is fully invested in supported media outlet to produce VR content (Google cardbord + developing computing power & Software?)

This is what I do


Some good work started in Australia in 2013 that I am now continuing internationally from New York with @TwitterAmplify

Marie Sornin

Little tips to dominate technology

I might start a series of little useful tips… this one took me a while to figure out, but I got it at the end (with a bit f help).

How to embed a Vine video in a presentation?

If you see the Vine video you like on Twitter and want to embed it into a presentation to impress your clients, here is how to do in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: click on the short URL.

Vine video on Twitter Step 2: It will take you Vine. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see an embed button. Click on it

Vine video on Vine Step 3: It will take you to the embed page. At the bottom, you will see the embed code lime: copy the https part of the URL into a new browser window

Embed a Vine video Step 4: It will take you another page where the video is playing. Right click and “save as” in your presentation folder. Make sure that the file extension is mp4.

Save a Video

Save a Vine video as mp4

Step 5: Embed  the mp4 file as any other media in your presentation using the inspector for keynote and the media insertion button in PPT!

Hope it is useful. Stay tuned for more…

Marie Sornin

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